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RITHIM is an exciting new contemporary percussion ensemble whose original music flows freely from drumming traditions of West and Central African and the Caribbean to gaelic, urban and hip hop rhythms and many other new places. RITHIM is the only group of it’s kind in Ireland, and boasts some of the most exciting musicians in the country today:

Personnel – Éamonn Cagney : Ireland, Diego Joaquin Ramirez : USA/Ireland, Frailan Moran Mendive : Cuba, Barnabas Amedormey : Ghana, Niwel Tsumbu : Congo, Martin Schaerer : Switzerland

RITHIM’s music ranges from high octane, high energy dance music to highly artistic, creative and virtuostic concert music. Evocative of all that is powerful about African drum groups, combined with the beautiful dynamics of a well – crafted groove ensemble, Rithim bring the listener and dancer on a journey for both body and soul.

In 2015, Éamonn was selected by the Arts Council of Ireland through a music project award to create RITHIM : a new multicultural percussion group. An intense and creative week followed in Pickering Forest, Co. Kildare where the ensemble rehearsed and created new music together for performance at great Irish festivals including The Big Bang Festival of Rhythm, and Hotter than July, both in Dublin. It was amazing and pulsating!

In 2016, The Global Rhythm Festival in Dingle Co. Kerry commissioned Éamonn to compose a percussion piece for the festival, entitled “Waves”, and perform it with RITHIM. It was a huge success and RITHIM will perform Waves at numerous festivals in summer 2017.

Stay tuned for video from RITHIM’s Global Rhythm Festival performance, we are editing the footage as we speak, looking forward to sharing it with you all!                                               In summer 2017, RITHIM will be performing throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland at selected festivals, we will announce the dates as they arrive in!

Contact RITHIM by email: rithimpercussion@gmail.com